Advanced Driver Dynamics Program

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By Jay Olstad : WTMJ News 4






Drive For Life has teamed with Road America to offer advanced driver training. Click here for more.

In 2006 over 5000 young adults aged 16 to 21 died in auto crashes, over 400,000 were injured. Driving is a skill. Good drivers are made through practice and continued learning. The purpose of our Advanced Driver Dynamics program is to teach skid control, emergency braking technique and how to control a car at its limit. The needs for such skills are not for everyday occurrences, but for a lifetime.

The program will be held at various dates at the Alliant Energy Center using school cars. This is a safe and controlled environment. There will be a one hour classroom session with the remainder spent in the cars driving or observing with an instructor. Class size is limited to 3 students per instructor.

Advanced Technique topics include:

  • threshold braking (panic braking)
  • skid control
  • classroom session on vehicle dynamics
  • emergency lane changes & evasive techniques
  • shuffle steering
  • rebound skid (often confused with overcorrecting)
  • under steer, over steer, trailing throttle over steer
  • weight transfer

Why take this program:
The number 1 cause of accidents with teenagers is single car loss of control accidents.
Advanced driving skills may allow a skilled driver to avoid or positively change the outcome of a collision.

Who should take this program?

I am new driver and wish to learn advanced defensive driving skills.
I am an experienced driver and want a refresher course in defensive driving techniques.

Program cost: $175 – valid driver’s license required
Graduates of Drive-for-Life Driving School LLC during the past 2 years - once licensed – $100
Parents and siblings of Drive-for-Life Driving School LLC graduates - $100 (valid drivers license required).

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